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Tesoro Deep with Lidocaine

Tesoro Deep with Lidocaine

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TESORO fillers have the highest degree of safety and purity, while they have unrivaled ductility. ️With frequent injections of TESORO fillers, fibrosis does not occur, as after periodic injections of other fillers, since it contains PDRN.

TESORO DEEP – Correction of moderate, deep wrinkles and folds, a significant increase in lip volume – the effect of “push up”, nasolabial folds.

Tesoro Deep fillers with Lidocaine this range of products are the market leaders when it comes to safety and purity they have perfected the art of ductility which is unrivalled in todays cosmetic treatments.

Tesoro Deep fillers with Lidocaine this filler unlike others, Fibrosis will not occur even after frequent injections as the  content includes PDRN, and Lidocaine for a less painful injection.

Tesoro Deep fillers with Lidocaine lip volume  increases giving the “push up” effect. Nasolabial folds can be treated, not forgetting moderate to deep folds and wrinkles.

Tesoro Deep fillers with Lidocaine composition is:

Hyaluronic acid – 20 mg,(HA)

Lidocaine – 0.3%,

PDRN – 0.5%.

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