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Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation 2 x 2.2ml

Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation 2 x 2.2ml

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Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation  contains biometric peptides a VI dermal filler based on partially stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation 2%  PDRN is a  substance with high performance providing cells with a synthesis of Nucleic Acids (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) an added bonus is that it will repair your DNA.

Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation is a must for damaged cells that are suffering from reduced metabolism and stress.

Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation restoration occurs in the functionality of damaged aged Keratinocytes including fibroblasts restoration.

Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation cells will regenerate from this ultra powerful process, giving you younger looking skin is the result.

Syniro PDRN skin rejuvenation please find below the guidelines for when to use this product:

  • Preparation for plastic surgery and rehabilitation after surger
  • Dehydrated and stressed skin
  • Rosacea
  • Skin restoration after laser procedures and chemical skin peels
  • Preparation for thread techniques and invasive procedures
  • Prevention of pathological scarring
  • The presence of age spots and age wrinkles
  • Unevenness and dullness of the skin tone
  • Reduced tone and elasticity of the skin
  • Age related alterations to the skin
  • Fine lines
  • Prevention of appearance at the first sign of ageing
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