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Regenovue Sub-Q Plus (1×1.1ml)

Regenovue Sub-Q Plus (1×1.1ml)

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Regenovue Sub-Q Plus (1×1.1ml) can proudly boast that it is a very long lasting dermal filler of cross linked molecule structure it is innovative 100% organic and you will not find animal products as it has a very high level of purity -Endotoxin <0.00151U/mg


  • Ingredient – HA 24mg/ml
  • Application – Deepwrinkles, nose surgery
  • Injecting Area – Lowersub-Q
  • Syringe – 1.0ml
  • Needle Gauge – 27G
  • Duration – 12~18months
  • Storage Temp. – 2~25˚C
  • Shelf Life – 24 months
  • Packing – 1syringe/ 2x 27G needles
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