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MATRIGEN Meso BB Glow for Microneedling 5x10ml

MATRIGEN Meso BB Glow for Microneedling 5x10ml

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Matrigen Meso BB is an ideal intensive treatment which successfully whitens the skin. Dark skin, fades freckles, acne, skin discolouring and even age spots are very successfully  faded. This treatment comes in an ampoule and is totally safe as well as being intensive to whiten out skin blemishes, the result is a  flawless complexion.

Matrigen Meso BB all ages will benefit and this product ,it is unisex, suitable for all skin types and will rejuvenate  even after over exposure to sunlight, reducing uneven skin tones, and  scars, leaving the complexion matt ,flawless and clear these are the many benefits you will be able to see after applying this product.

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