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Lipo Lab PPC Solution 10mlx10vial

Lipo Lab PPC Solution 10mlx10vial

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Lipo Lab  PPC Is amongst the purest advanced safest fat-resolving products on the market


Lido Lab PPC Phosophatidyl  Chlorine (PPC) is its main ingredient which will burn away excess fat in those difficult to treat areas, under the chin, upper arm, abdomen as well as the armpit,

Lido Lab PPC is at the top of the list in injectables fillers  in todays cosmetic world as it contains an advanced lipolytic solution combining an effective totally natural process within the body not only to treat cellulitis but it will also make a vast difference to the elasticity of the skin.

Lido Lab PPC you can totally rely on this safe product to keep your beauty treatment to be long lasting, without the risk of the return of your problematic excess fat

Lido Lab PPC its reputation has no known side effects and already has become known as 2ndbotox !!

Lido Lab PPC a fat disintegrating injection will reduce and maintain the fat recoil with great results.

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