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Aestheline Single PDO Threads

Aestheline Single PDO Threads

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Aestheline single pdo threads are cosmetically used to combat age related ptosis (a drooping of eyelids),the threads, which injected under the skin with flexible long needles and are made of polylactic acid.

Aestheline single pdo threads the implanted threads act as a framework that allows the skin to tighten and hold facial tissue in place. What is fantastic about this treatment is that it will stay steadfast from 18 months to 2 years, even though the threads dissolve after 6 months the process continues to stimulate production of collagen.

Aestheline single pdo threads  when to choose this treatment?

the start of ptosis occurring

wrinkles om forehead, nasolabial folds

skin lethargy

a loosening of skin after dramatic weight loss you can also use for other areas, buttocks, stomach, hips, the decollete and neck and improves skin tone.

Aestheline single pdo threads gives the appearance of younger skin improves skin tone. pigmentation and texture. Scarring and stretch marks appearances improves All this is down to a new collagen synthesis.

Aestheline single pdo threads increases skin metabolism awakens lymphatic circulation, creates and  balances out collagen, lifting and remodelling of elasticity within the treated area.

Aestheline single pdo threads this  almost non evasive procedure does not need a general anaesthetic no deep cuts injected into the deeper layers of the skin via long thin needles which have helically barbed moulds on the threads , that anchor themselves into the sagging tissues then lifted upwards giving an instant radiant rejuvenated unbelievable effect to the skin. Each pack contains 20 individual threads. 20 threads in a pack.


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